Thursday, 28 July 2016

Download Olympics 2016 Theme Song MP3

Rio De Janeiro,Brazil has released the Anthem Song of world's biggest sports event 2016 Summer Olympics Games. The official song will pay tribute to City samba legacy. The song was released on August 13, 2012, when Olympic Flag arrived in Rio De Janeiro after London Olympics completed. The City has started preparations for the entertainment of worldwide audience visiting Brazil for Rio 2016. Rio launched his theme song in the contrast of 2012 London Olympics games. This song is more inspired by by sea, sunshine, and samba legacy of Brazil.

Download Olympics 2016 Theme Song MP3

 We are also providing you schedule of all Rio games as well as we are also providing you link to watch 2016 Rio games online. These show are available in high definition and in standard definition, two language variants are also available that are hindi and english We are also providing you the link to watch these Olympics games on your mobile device. 
Follow is a link to watch official Rio 216 video online.

Download this song by following this link:-

The Song title is The great gods of Olympus visit Rio de Janeiro. The music video features scenes from around the city with actors portraying Greek gods. An Apollo carrying a surfboard is seen shaking water from his hair as he emerges from the ocean while Poseidon swims through crystal clear waters. The samba tune was composed by Arlindo Cruz, Roge, and Arlindo Neto in collaboration with members of traditional samba schools from the Rio Carnival. 


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