Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 Logo Images, Wallpapers, Photos

The people was able to give a very first look on Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Games was on New Year's eve. Rio-based Tatil was the designer of the official logo of 2016 Rio Olympics Games. Logo was designed based on four pillars- cheerful nature, contagious energy, harmonious diversity, and Olympic spirit, revealed by the organizers of Rio Olympics and Paralympics 2016. The logo is an enlightening look at a boundless level of thought, foundation, groundwork, depth, passion, construction that added into the development of the Rio 2016 logo.

Rio Olympics 2016 Logo Images, Wallpapers, Photos

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Rio Olympics 2016 Logo Images, Wallpapers, Photos

At first glance, you might just notice three people holding hands, but it’s not until you really understand the tradition, history, and geography of Rio de Janeiro which makes the logo more meaningful and relevant. The main motto of the Rio Olympics 2016 Logo was to express unity, inspire accomplishment and optimism. The idea was to root the uniqueness in the aspect of Rio’s Cariocas- the citizens. 

The colour choices in the logo is shows the environment in Brazil. The Yellow colour signifies the sun, the warmth, active and happy nature. Blue symbolises the fluidity of the water surrounding and the easygoing way of life. The colour green signifies the forests and hope, a positive perception inspiring to go even further.


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