Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Archery Men's Team Ranking Round Live Stream

In Olympics 2016 Rio Games, Men's Archery is one from the Four Archery event.  There are twelve teams in Rio Olympics 2016 with three Archers in each. Each archer shot 72 arrows this is the beginning of the competition, called ranking round.  In each tie-breaker round, each archer shot 1 arrow. If the score remained tied after two tie-breaker rounds, the arrow closest to center during the tie-breaker rounds won. Ties were broken by up to two rounds of additional arrows.

Archery Men's Team Ranking Round Live Stream

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Archery Men's Team Ranking Round Live Stream

Ranking Round Of Archery Men's Team

Alec Potts
Ryan Tyack
Taylor Worth
Marcus Vinicius D'Almeida
Bernardo Oliveira
Daniel Rezende Xavier
Gu Xuesong
Wang Dapeng
Xing Yu
 Chinese Taipei
Kao Hao-wen
Wei Chun-heng
Yu Guan-lin
Lucas Daniel
Pierre Plihon
Jean-Charles Valladont
Riau Ega Agatha
Hendra Purnama
Muhammad Wijaya
Marco Galiazzo
Mauro Nespoli
David Pasqualucci
Haziq Kamaruddin
Khairul Anuar Mohamad
Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin
Mitch Dielemans
Sjef van den Berg
Rick van der Ven
 South Korea
Kim Woo-jin
Ku Bon-chan
Lee Seung-yun
Miguel Alvariño
Antonio Fernández
Juan Ignacio Rodríguez
 United States
Brady Ellison
Zach Garrett
Jake Kaminski


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